I used to get Jessica Simpson mixed up with Lisa Simpson, too.

Anyone who has known me for the better part of the last decade knows that Stephin Merritt's work has driven and influenced my sorrows, happiness, life choices, musical choices, and other things to the extent that sometimes I hear a sound byte and I'm suddenly transported back into The Desperate Things You Made Me Do or Busby Berkley Dreams. There is a lot of emotional baggage associated with all of Stephin's music, mostly because it guided me through my post-Nirvana teen angst into what I suppose you could call adulthood. I still go months without listening to the Magnetic Fields or the 6ths sometimes, but I still identify Stephin's work as my overwhelming "favorite."

I can say that I don't have the same emotional attachments to Sufjan Stevens, but I can say that my interest in him certainly came from the musical consciousness that grew from listening to Stephin. Other than that, he is interestingly (thematically) creative. So today, I came across this super cute interview the two of them did together with New York magazine.


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