Black Lips 10/16/08

That should probably actually be 10/17/08. The actual Black Lips didn't go on stage until about 12:30 am, though I think the bizarro-Black Lips (The Replacements) went on a bit earlier. I expected some kind of huge spectacle, but except for all the ice flying everywhere and this little guy in front of me getting punched in the face, it was actually pretty tame. They played a few songs that they identified as ones that will be on the new album, all of which sounded pretty good. As dance-y as I would want such songs to be. There was much dancing and hugging and various other things like that. It was one of the calmer nights I've had lately, believe it or not.

Despite managing to get there pretty late, we caught a few of the other bands. The best one by far was a girl band called the Stolen Minks. They're from Canada and have cute Canadian accents that I thought were fake but was pleased to learn were real. Actually, they reminded me of my 11th grade English teacher, who was from Minnesota, really cute and innocent-looking, but a total badass. Kindly buy some of their records here. They are about cute things like dance party revolutions.


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