Score! 20 Years of Merge Records

Merge is now taking pre-orders for subscriptions to their 14-disc series, Score!. The collection is curated by some pretty cool people, including Marjane Satrapi, Miranda July, Amy Poehler, and David Byrne. You also get a bunch of other stuff, like a book of art, a cover album, and various other things. I don't see any mention of The Magnetic Fields on this page but hopefully there are other things that probably make it worth buying. Plus, who doesn't like mail?

As an aside, I have had some issues with mail order from Merge in the past. They wouldn't pay for return shipping on items that were defective, so I eventually just ended up keeping a broken record because it would have costed the same to ship it back the second time. They did send me some free stuff but I was still stuck with the other things. So, take from that what you will, especially if you are seriously considering subscribing to Score!


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