Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros @ Variety Playhouse

A+++ for audience participation. These guys know how to do it.

The two openers were comprised of people from the band, which has like 10 people in it. They still managed to sound different (and not better; too jam band-y for my taste).

Edward Sharpe played pretty much every song they have, including a few new ones. They were all remarkably easy to sing along to, which leads me to believe that some sort of intentional design is going on.

What else can I say? They've got a shirtless charismatic leader, a gorgeous warbling beauty, and a bunch of people playing a ton of other instruments. There was a lot of epic dancing and singing and at the end, Alex sat on the ground in the middle of the crowd and everyone crouched down around him while he sang. The girl video taping him from 5 inches away looked like her head was going to explode.

Now, to regain my voice and my composure and get some sleep. Good night, world.


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