Holy crap, Lucy Wainwright Roche!

My neighborhood has this folk club that's kind of a big deal and the Indigo Girls used to play there blah blah blah. I go there sometimes to see folks like the Farewell Drifters and Girlyman, who are now local to me. The latter were the headliners tonight, and they were amazingly funny and charismatic.

But I was totally blown away by Lucy Wainwright Roche, whose shy, awkward, and perfectly timed sense of humor was matched with an incredible songwriting capability and such.a.gorgeous.voice. You know the kind of love at first sight that makes you feel like you've been punched in the face? Yeah. Like that. I'm a sucker for quiet, sad, acoustic folk and this is all of that at its best.

Her album will be released this Thursday in New York. Then she'll be traveling to open for the Indigo Girls, who appear on her album along with some of her famous family members and so forth. Oh yeah, she's also Rufus Wainwright's sister.


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