The only thing I will write about Scott Pilgrim

because we all know what happens when I begin rants about my giant crush on Michael Cera...yeah...C'mon, we're all grown-ups. Anyway, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World was basically exactly like reading the comics, which in this case was a good thing. Unlike Heroes or all of the movie versions of Marvel comics, the film really expressed the dynamism of the original comics, which were more like a screen-by-screen visual representation of a video game happening inside a young man's head than anything else. Knives Chau was perfect, kind of terrifyingly so at times, and the evil ex's were very, very evil. The nerdiest part was Michael Cera's tall, lanky body performing outrageous ninja moves, which made him into some kind of DDR/Adam West hybrid creature. Yeah, pretty nerdy. Kieran Caulkin was dry and witty, as usual. I watched Scott Pilgrim in a theater in Canada, which made me notice the American self-deprecation for the first time.

Oh, so the thing I was going to say:
The soundtrack was actually pretty good. Beck wrote a bunch of the songs performed in the actual thing and there is a bunch of other stuff on there, including the Black Lips and a funny cameo by Broken Social Scene.


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