and i find, it gets harder every time

Last night I finished putting the last of my music back on my computer from after the last reformatting. There is a lot of stuff I keep because of sentimental value, but will probably never listen to. Kind of like keeping baby clothes you clearly can never wear again, but you still like to keep as a relic of what you once were. This includes a bunch of compilations, rare Nirvana live albums, and a number of other things. A band I had definitely not listened to in awhile (but does not necessarily fall into this category) is the Bandits of the Acoustic Revolution. You know, Tomas Kalnoky, Catch-22, Streetlight Manifesto, etc. I have all sorts of weird connections to this band--Karim listened to them a lot our freshman year, Joe bought a computer from TK, etc. Beyond that, though, I can talk really fast and I like it when other people can talk or sing really fast and I can understand everything they say clearly. There's also just a lot of energy any time when horns are involved, and BOTAR uses them most excellently.

My favorite song is probably their cover of Catch-22's Dear Sergio. Here it is, for your listening pleasure.

Okay well that file doesn't work. I'll try to fix that. This has been a day of things not working. I am, however, watching Everwood for the first time in years, and the Submarines were just on. I really thought it was my itunes, but apparently not.


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