red leotards and crucifixes

So Cat Power has a new album. It isn't bad, but I have a few minor annoyances with it that really have nothing to do with the music:
1. It is called "The Greatest" but for some reason anywhere in which those words exist in a text about Chan Marshall, there has to be a clarifyer ("not a greatest hits album"). It may be me--but I wasn't even thinking that. I mean, she could certainly have one if the wanted to, but I doubt she ever will.
2. The video for living proof. I have NO IDEA what is going on there. The entire thing is in slow motion, which is okay except that it begins with what appears to be 2 rappers with baby bottles. Then it goes to some stereotypical Islamic women who are covered head to toe. Chan shows up in a red leotard, tied to a cross, and then, they decide they're going to have a track meet. Keep in mind that this is all slow. Chan is running with a white cross on her back and the other women are running with yards of fabric on them. She ends up in second place and finally bothers to put a hoodie on over her leotard. The whole time her rapper friend is standing on the sidelines with one of those fizzy firecracker stick things.

And the music is just all wrong. The whole slow motion thing makes you think maybe the song was intended to be faster, but it certainly cannot be. I will admit, the video itself was somewhat hilarious, or at least got me to wrinkle my brow a bit in disbelief, but it was too much of a distraction from the music (which you could barely hear anyway).

I did see another video today that I thought was excellent, though.
All Time Quarterback's Plans Get Complex.


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