thank you for taking ecstasy with me

I saw Thank You For Smoking tonight, and while I won't review it here, it has for some reason made me want to listen to !!!'s cover of The Magnetic Fields' Take Ecstasy With Me on repeat. Why? I do not know. It actually has nothing to do with the movie.

I started collecting covers years ago. I had over 1000 of them at one point, and they've mostly gotten lost in all of the reformattings, but I have managed to hold onto the best ones. It has something to do with interpretation and re-interpretation, storytelling and re-telling, all of which are academic interests of mine. The Magnetic Fields have a sound that is difficult to replicate, but it is nice when a band that was clearly influenced by them pays homage to their roots.

I liked the original, but I won't say it is one of my absolute favorites. So it is safe to say that this one is as good, if not better.

The cover

The original


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