New from Plan-It-X

I was looking for info on Plan-It-X fest 2007 when I found out:

-Ghost Mice will be releasing a full-length album this year, called these people are rad?, as well as a split with Andrew Jackson Jihad. Last year, they released Europe, and the Pretty Hot/Ghost Mice Split. these people are rad? will be their fourth full-length, if you include the very first S/T album. It seems that they're continuing their tradition of doing splits with lesser-known bands, which I think is pretty awesome.

-The Door Keys, will be releasing 3rd Album, which, consequently, is their third album, following Greenwood Park Mall and Holy Shit, It's the.... Not the cleverest of names but I can't wait to hear it.

You might be able to get the albums through No Idea, but I'd just get them directly from PIX.

There isn't any info on PIX Fest '07 yet, but I assume it'll be in Bloomington again. More info when I get it.


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