Clearly PETA needs to rethink their definition of "progressive"

I'm starting to recover from the past few weeks but this week and weekend are going to be insane. I had a good weekend, though, and got to hang out with a lot of my good friends. My yoga class was also totally awesome today and I feel pretty rejuvenated already.

This year's PETA Proggy Awards are out, with a couple of interesting picks:

Most progressive politician: Arnold Schwarzenegger, for banning the chaining of dogs in cruel ways, and possibly being about to ban foie gras.

As an aside, doesn't the fact that ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER is the GOVERNER OF CALIFORNIA and is now being nice to animals still make you feel like you live in bizarro world?

Most vegetarian-friendly food service operator: Sodexho. I bet to differ. Sodexho is TERRIBLE. Not only is the food bad but I often wander around the cafeteria finding something truly vegetarian to eat. Blech.

North America's Best Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurant Chain: Red Robin. I might actually agree with this one. They have a lot of different kinds of burgers you can get a boca with. The Vortex, of course, is wayy wayy wayy better, and not because their website features a weird biker chic with torn stockings. Seriously, look at the menu. The Yokahama Mama is amazing.

Best New Cookbook: Vegan with a Vengeance by Isa Moskowitz. I wrote about Isa awhile back. She has a vegan cooking show called Post Punk Kitchen, which is pretty awesome. She also did a vegan cupcake cookbook. I've tried some of the recipes and they are all amazing.


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