don't tell me what i already know

I'm really sad about this news, especially because I was out of town and missed them in November. It isn't just about me liking post-punk bands with female leads. Pretty Girls Make Graves are one of my favorite bands ever. They've gotten me through sooooo much angst (and I have a lot of it). :( Watch their website for more info on the May tour dates.

Right now, I'm way too tired to worry about not having an outlet for my post-teenage angst. I'm also wayyyy behind on my thesis. My weekend was super awesome but coming back to the real world always makes everything seem so tedious.

One more thing:

how AWESOME is this!!! Bridge to Terebithia was my favorite book in elementary school. I cried every time I read it. It also probably laid the foundation for all of my weird and intense friendships since then. The reviews of the movie make it sound kind of hokey (and it is rated PG, after all), but I'm totally psyched.


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