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Since I moved to this city, I have seen a few people here and there who could be described as hippies, but never all in one place, and never really any who weren't homeless. Tonight, however, the hippies came out to play. I went to see Cloud Cult, who I see described as a "jam band" and never really understood why until now. Hippies love this stuff. You would think they'd come out to see Phish. Either that, or they like the openers, one local jam band and another from New York, both of whom I will resist commenting on because I am trying to cleanse my karma these days.

My friend who tagged along but really wanted to go home was surprisingly cheery when we left. Why? Because the show, once it actually started, was awesome. If you haven't seen them, there is a member of the band whose job it is to paint a whole painting while everyone else is playing instruments. She sings, too, but mostly paints. I'll post pictures when I can figure out how to get them off of my phone. There is also a guy who simultaneously plays the guitar and trombone, then turns around and starts playing the drums, too. The whole thing is kind of marvelous to watch.

I'm really tired and have to wake up early for work so I'll write more later. For now, you should read about how the band uses nontoxic soy ink and records in a building made of recycled materials here.


Happy Earth Day!!!

Hug a tree or go for a walk or something. I'm going to celebrate by seeing my earth-friendly band of choice.


TMF news

A few exciting things from the House of Tomorrow newsletter:


The Magnetic Fields are readying the re-release of their catalog on full-length 12" vinyl albums. Merge Records will start the run with "The Charm of the Highway Strip," out on May 6 in the US. Nonesuch Records will follow this summer with a pressing of "Distortion," the band's January 2008 release. This fall, Merge Records will release the vinyl edition of "Get Lost."

!!!!!!! Apparently, good things come to those who wait....10 years.


An image by photographer Phil Toledano and the word "1974" provided the inspiration for Stephin Merritt's "The Man of a Million Faces," composed last year in two days for the first installment of National Public Radio's "Project Song." "The Man of Million Faces" is now available as a special download-only track on iTunes, Amazon, and other music services worldwide.

Also, Charles reviews Distortion here (and kind of liked it).

And I am now the proud owner of one of these.


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TMF tour t-shirts

Sorry I've been MIA. One of the most important events of the year happened last week, and I've had the flu since I got back, so writing hasn't been much of a priority.

Some good news today. I've been trying to find The Magnetic Fields tour t-shirts online for quite some time, ever since seeing them on TMF's tour blog. They are finally online and you can buy them here.

Hooray! I might go back for the 'Distortion' one later, but I decided to start with the 'THE' one because they had it in my size.