Turns out, Charleyne Yi and I have a lot in common

Like, for example, our huge (but not quite approaching love-status) crushes on Michael Cera; our general dude-ness; the ability to look like there is something very wrong with our faces.

I needed some of all of that last night when I saw Paper Heart. It delivered on pretty much all of my expectations.

Paper dolls exhibiting intense DIY spirit: Check
The purchase of random instruments for hilarity's sake: Check
My favorite tall hooded Canadian boy: Check
The fatal combo of awkwardness and travel: Check
Non-stupid/entirely happy ending: Check

I dare say, I could totally crush on Miss Yi. Or at least I am completely convinced of her genius after this movie. Go see it. It will make you feel good.


Troy Davis Update

I've posted about Troy Davis a couple of times recently and have been following the case from the edge of my seat.

Yesterday brought good news of an epic victory .

From the SCOTUS blog:

"The Supreme Court, over two Justices’ dissents, on Monday ordered a federal judge in Georgia to consider and rule on the claim of innocence in the murder case against Troy Anthony Davis (In re Davis, 08-1443) The Court told the District Court to “receive testimony and make findings of fact as to whether evidence that could have been obtained at the time of trial clearly establishes [Davis'] innocence.”"

And, more importantly:

"The Court has never ruled on whether a credible claim of “actual innocence” justifies extraordinary remedies in federal court, when a state conviction is involved. Davis’ case may well test that issue, as it moves through the federal courts again."

Of course, all of this just means that he will get to present more evidence, not that he'll win, but even these small delays in his execution have to mean something. Hope you'll keep Troy Davis in your thoughts in the coming weeks and months.


Good news from Sub Pop

According to the Sub Pop Blog, Nirvana's Bleach will be re-issued this year. The new version will include a not-before-released (I assume) bootleg recording of a show from Oregon in 1990 and the album liner will include pictures of the band also not before publicly released. The original producer, Jack Endino, is also doing the remastering.

Bleach, like many other things, really only garnered wide public attention after Nevermind, and has, in that way, always been a figment of memory. Here's another addition to the memory of the band's early history, one that takes something so archetypically raw and unfinished and gives it context and dimension. I hope the remaster keeps its distortion and gnashes its teeth every bit as fiercely as the original.


New Magnetic Fields!!!

Sorry, blog friends, I have been absent. Too many things to do these days, not much of a desire to write for leisure. Too much school writing (already. bleh), gardening, catsitting, house cleaning, life-un-messing-uping to do. If you miss me, you can follow me on tumblr.

Just to post something, the UK Magazine (or website? never can tell), Spinner, interviewed Stephin Merritt about the band's new album, to be released in JANUARY 2010.

Also, another Future Bible Heroes album is on the way!