Everything is One Big Christmas Tree

From NME:

The Magnetic Fields: Everything is One Big Christmas Tree, forthcoming on Realism.


We're having a Hootenanny!

If you haven't pre-ordered Realism yet, and you get it from Insound, you get the track, "We're Having a Hootenanny" for free.

If you were zealous enough to do your pre-order with Nonesuch to get the poster, it may still be worth it to do the Insound pre-order (who doesn't need multiple copies? I have 3 copies of Distortion that I keep in different places just out of practicality).

If you don't want to do that and you can keep a secret, there's a link posted on Stephinsongs to download it.

Can't wait for the new year!!!<3<3<3

I wasn't planning on having time to make lists and things this year because I have a big grant proposal due soon, but it occurs to me that this decade is coming to an end. Perhaps there should be some mention of things that I've enjoyed for the last ten years. We'll see how bored I get visiting my parents.