Andrew in Drag/ When Next in Love 7"

My Andrew in Drag/When Next in Love 7" came in the mail today, to my great delight.

Since I've already written about "Andrew in Drag," I'll share some thoughts about the b-side, "When Next in Love." Michael over at Aging Spinsters has kindly transcribed the lyrics for us. Understandably, the record did not come with a lyric sheet. "When Next in Love" will also not be on the upcoming record, Love at the Bottom of the Sea, so there are rare chances to hear it.

The song is definitely a b-side. I would call it a necessary but insufficient component of Stephin Merritt's oeuvre. As with "Andrew in Drag," I am ecstatic to have Stephin back on vox. This track is a little sing-songy, but that is not at all a criticism. I will probably have it stuck in my head for a couple of days. It maintains the sardonic wit and cynicism about love that we have grown accustomed to from Mr. Merritt. I especially love the verse,

When next in love I fall,
I'll give it three minutes
just like a song.
I'll give it just that long to live
before before
before before
before before
it all goes wrong.
You can hear samples from each song here.


"the only girl i'll ever love is Andrew in drag"

Listen to "Andrew in Drag," from The Magnetic Fields' upcoming (10th!) album, Love at the Bottom of the Sea!!!

I always say my gender/queer studies education begins and ends with Stephin Merritt, with slight detours through Foucault, Butler, Sedgewick, and graduate school.